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“When I think of you and all the work you are doing and how you do it with a warm smile and friendly hug, I see in my mind an image of you standing at the front lines holding a candle to light the way in the darkness of our universe that was created by man, evil men with hidden agenda’s that were never in our best interests. Thank you for stepping up to the LIGHT and educating myself and so many others along the way to join you in this much better and brighter time line. Much love to you Jennie Byers you are one in a trillion.” -KC

“Today was such a strange day that I felt deeply out of phase.  As if all my good work was falling apart. So I put your session recording on and am still listening to it. I have done so a lot in the past, and have been connecting with my dad, guides more and more and today I really almost heard my dad laugh. It was so helpful to listen to this today, I wanted you to know. It is so god sent ! I am aligning with it more and more! And all my dad said through you is coming true!” -SB

“My spiritual awakening has been an amazing journey. 7 months ago I would have never thought this was possible and would have said this was cocoo. Jennie helped me to stand in the truth and take a hard look at myself, thus setting me on my path to healing my past distortions and trauma, showed me that Love is the only way to achieve true enlightenment and has guided me in order to connect to my true self and higher conciousness. Since that moment of awakening I have had many true souls to help me on my journey, they are my soul family and I love them dearly. I will continue this journey to enlightenment and connect with my higher conciousness to become a light for others to follow.”-JA

“Thank you Jennie for creating this highly elevated space in which we are all welcomed and loved!! Every time I come there I feel like I have touched a piece of heaven…
I love new people I meet…you all are absolutely amazing!!!
Thank you for being, loving and creating this magnificent and magical place!”    -EZ

“Thank you to Jennie Byers for hosting such a wonderful event. She is such a wonderful loving person caring for all of her guests. I met so many new wonderful friends. This was a battery recharge that filled me to the brim. Thanks all for being in the present and for being in my life.” -MR

“We disconnect from our heart because of past trauma and distortion in order to protect ourselves and not allow anything or anyone to hurt us again. It takes real courage to face your trauma and past distortions to stand in the truth, open your heart and Love again. The universe is a better place when you look at it from your heart space and not the head space. I have started this journey to heal my past trauma and distortions, stand in the truth, light and learn to open my heart so I can truly Love again. It has been fast and furious but the end result will be nothing short of amazing.” -JA

“You are such a beautiful soul… Love you to pieces… Many times I have had a difference of opinion… We take some time and discuss these… As I am always with an open mind… You have opened my mind to seeing things from a different perspective… And therefore assisted me In Taking my next step in learning… I love the way you speak from your own personal authenticity without ego..and without judgement… Expressing yourself in such a beautiful way.. Which is easily understood …….. I am honored with your friendship, siStar” -AD

“Hi Jennie, I am feeling my mom at different points, taking some time to connect but need to do that more. So from the ability to connect with her with your help April 1st (and I took notes; I have 2 pages of info typed up) and these letters I feel New Life has been breathed into me, Excitement for moving forward — looking forward to connecting more with her, dad and my sister, A Knowing that she is with me. Overall I feel so loved and Know I was loved and am loved. I have the information you posted for practicing connecting with our loved ones through the veil and have done that several times but need to do it more. So grateful.” -CW

“D and I are already having some really neat things happen and have benefited greatly from her work. Also, being with you all was very healing and supportive to my system. I looked up Spirit reunion when I got home and I can’t wait to go!” -JW

“Jennie: It was our pleasure to meet you and others at your event. It is a blessing for us. Thank you for allowing us into your community. Moving forward we will try to attend all your events if our schedule allows. Thank you.”-EC