“SPIRIT ACTIVATOR: Monoatomic Dead Sea Minerals”

If you are into natural and alternative health supplements, esoterica, alchemy, chemistry, metaphysics, quantum physics, ancient history, or just want to learn about something new, Monoatomic Elements are one of the most versatilely studied materials around. People from almost every culture and belief system have a substance in their teachings that parallels the effects and description of monoatomic elements. 

Unlike vitamins or regular mineral supplements, monoatomic elements are one of the strangest supplements to research. 

Why is it called SPIRIT ACTIVATOR?

When your body is lacking in certain elements or minerals it creates an imbalance between your true self and your motivation to follow it. 
Many abilities are dampened by this issue. Our foods are lacking and our drinking water is generally pretty stagnant and from a municipal supply. 

With SPIRIT ACTIVATOR you get all the nutrients that your endocrine system, also known as your Chakra system, craves. 

What is ORMUS?

On one hand you can get deep into the metaphysical side of things and come out with a ton of metaphors, and depending on your interpretation maybe incorrect or simply misunderstood whether it’s the recipe itself or the function of the finished product. 

On the other hand you can take the main stream science approach which has some benefits but mostly just good to play devils advocate to the metaphors. 

Somewhere in the middle lies both truth and salesman, just like anything.  The politics and polarity of the Monoatomic community is as astonishing as the diversity of the product itself. 

The term “monoatomic” is generally used in reference to noble gasses like krypton. It means “having one atom,” as the name implies. There is no lattice structure to noble gasses. 

When you apply this to an element like limestone, which is hard, chunky, and can break a window with just a little momentum behind it, it turns into a pile of atoms that can theoretically be reassembled back into limestone, a very impractical practice. In fact, people throughout the centuries have been trying to extract gold from oceans around the world with many different methods but nobody has come up with a method that is cheaper than the amount of gold they produce. 

Gold is actually a common metal tossed around the monoatomic community and there are products out their labeled as white gold or monoatomic gold that are nothing more than a piece of actual gold dissolved in acid and then rinsed to make a product chemists call Auric Chloride and is labeled as an irritant so avoid products made from these methods for your safety. 


SPIRIT ACTIVATOR Monoatomic Dead Sea Minerals are a Dead Sea ORMUS product, created with proprietary techniques based on the Ancient Egyptian techniques and blended with modern technologies and knowledge. 

All of the water used in the production is spring water of the highest quality which has been filtered with Shungite and restructured with Auralite 23 and Herkimer Diamonds which puts the water into a much more natural and active state. All the water is stored with orgonite made by IAMPEVO (HYPERLINK) where you can buy the best custom orgonite around!   

All of the salts are sourced for their purity and environmentally conscious salt farming techniques.  SPIRIT ACTIVATOR Monoatomic Dead Sea Minerals specifically uses BOKEK Dead Sea salt, the cleanest Dead Sea salt company in the world!

To extract the monoatomic elements from the salt we use an all natural and lab grade base that shocks the pH of the salt water and is done inside of working Pyramid technology based off the studies of Alexander Golod. 
Using the pyramid technology creates a thicker and more energized product that is then condensed and hand ground down to any where from a fine powder to a coriander seed for easy dosing. 

What does it do?

Nobody has the same experience. The list of benefits and potential is quite long. It is said to repair DNA and help regenerate nerve cells which is the ultimate task considering nobody has the same DNA damage! When the monoatomic elements enter your body they immediately get to work seeking their proper glands within the endocrine system, or chakras. 

How do I consume it safely?

Most people feel results from doses as small as a grain of rice but can use up to 1/4tsp for deeper healing or ceremonial use.  Taking in water is the most common way to take it but you can add it to food or honey. You can even bake with it! 

Everyone is unique so the effects will be as well!  It is always recommended to start small and work up in small increments each day until you notice effects.  

Whether it’s a little extra energy, mental clarity, or any kind of deep healing, monoatomic elements may be just what the shaman ordered. There isn’t anyone who won’t benefit from more nutrients! 

Where can I buy Monoatomic Elements?

Click the link to buy directly from Spirit Reunions or visit www.pyramanna.com for more ORMUS products each created with specific purposes. 

SPIRIT ACTIVATOR Monoatomic Dead Sea Minerals is proudly produced, packaged, and distributed by Pyramanna Ormus Minerals (HYPERLINK) in the heart of beautiful United States of America