Because of Us

Everything that has happened to us has happened because of us. This is a beautiful thing when things are going well for us! But some don’t like to hear this because we have been playing in victim consciousness for so long. We have made a habit of blaming our circumstances on the outside world. We have become afraid of our own authentic power to create our experience and have forgotten we are powerful creators!
The more of us who have separated from the light the bigger we co-create the control structure that victimizes us. The more of us who reconnect and carry the light, the less power that same control system we created has. It’s really that simple.
We have been playing small and suffering for long enough, wouldn’t you agree? The suffering and lack of power we experience is a result of us choosing to disconnect from the light. When we finally decide to re-connect with the light and remember who we really are, the distortions in this reality go away. They can only exist in the absence of light, which means distortions have no life force of their own. Their energy source is more distortion. Real power comes from the light and it is the kind of power that requires a surrender to love. Through the light all things are healed and transcended. The light has always been there waiting.

Quantum Humans

When we become the quantum humans we truly are, connected to expanded states of awareness, we let go of our ego’s need to attach to what we think we know. Things we have only observed rather than experienced. We begin to speak from a point of knowing through true experience rather than assumptions based on mindsets and belief programs. We are free to experience with an open mind in every moment, knowing that no new moment is the same as the last. We are always experiencing and creating a new potential reality in every now moment. Through each expanded potential reality, we decide consciously (rather than unconsciously) what we wish to create and experience. In this expanded awareness we are always creating from a point of highest potentials for all.  This state of being is guided by our higher self which is always connected to higher truth and love. This is the new consciousness and it is magical when we encounter others who are focused on this empowered state of being as well. It’s really the only way to exist in the natural flow of all that simply is.

States of Being

When we experience a situation that causes us to be stressed or fearful, we must re-center in order to access the clarity we need to handle it. It requires working with our vibration, not our mind, to get above it. The more we try to talk to our mind, the more we perpetuate the slower vibration caused by stress and fear. It is like circling on an endless hamster wheel where our minds are playing damage control and we know control is an illusion. What we are seeking is transcendence, which brings the situation back into alignment with the light. In order to recenter before reacting, we can bring our energy back in line with a faster frequency. This can be done through activating our right higher creative brain. Laughter, music, dancing, creativity, and nature can all help shift our state of being quickly. Then we can deal with the issues at hand through the clarity and calm that proceeds.

Love Letters

Writing love letters to ourselves and each other from our hearts is one of the most powerful things we can do while on Earth. Love letters should be written to everyone! When we open our hearts and higher mind to receive a love message for our friends and family, we are evoking the power of divine love to step forward and remind us of our souls purpose and our higher connection to others. These love letters are timeless, healing and magical. They will reappear in our lives when we need them the most. One day we will be looking for something and there is that beautiful love letter with the perfect reminder we needed to continue forward in love.  They are are tool for love to work through us and for us in our lives. The are our souls way of time traveling and being in the moment they are called to be in by the hearts of those they touch. Remember to write love letters often to bring the magic into your lives!

Jennie Byers