Season Opening Weekend 2019: Spring Equinox Celebration


We welcome your beautiful energy to our season opening event at Spirit Reunions Sanctuary March 22-24. Together lets take a pause from our busy lives and feel the gentle call of spring…the light, and unite our intentions to usher in heaven on earth.  The spring equinox is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. It is celebrated all over the world. Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light. The spring equinox is sacred to dawn, youth, the morning star and the East. Just as the dawn is the time of new light, so the vernal equinox is the time of new life.


Weekend Schedule: Friday 5pm: Weekend guests begin to arrive and get settled into their space. If you wish to reserve an overnight space, please contact Jennie 423-767-3609 or at spiritreunions@gmail.com

7:30pm: Gathering at the camp fire and message circle with Jennie

Saturday 11:00am: Gather at the tent. Introductions of community tribe:
11:00am: Speaker Ron Johnson, Mystic Healer: Introduction to his work. Group energy clearing.

11:30am Speaker Ryan Fair, Quantum Mechanics Healer, Introduction to his work.

12pm Speaker Beth Ward: Sacred Alchemy Healer, Introduction to her work.

12:30pm Speaker Kathy Eason: Cranial Sacral Myofacial Release Therapy and Theta Healing, Introduction to her work.

1pm: Speaker Ellen Pitts (Grandmother Running Deer): Rose opening heart meditation, Redefining Medicine. Divination. Native American Astrology.

Activity: Discovering our 11 animal ally’s and their medicine so we can begin to work with them.
3:30pm Speaker Jennie Byers

4:30pm-7:30pm-Practitioner Private Sessions: Contact Jennie to reserve sessions

Ellen (Grandmother Running Deer(: Soul Portraits $15.00 for 30 min
Ron Johnson: Mystic Healer: Introductory Sessions $50 for 45 min
Ryan Fair: Sound table, Biocharger, Pranic Energy work, combo $108 for 1 hour.

Kathy Eason: Cranial Sacral Mayofacial Release Therapy and Theta Healing $75 for 75 minutes
Jennie Byers: Spirit Reunion $50 for 45 min
Beth Ward: Shamama Soulfire Shaman, Reiki Master and Teacher, and Empowerment Leader:  Shamanic Energy Field Clearing and Chakra Balance $75 for 1 hour,  $150 for 2 hours, $50 for each additional hour.

7:30 Gather at the camp fire

Sunday: 11:30am: Medicine Wheel Ceremony for Spring Equinox

1pm-6pm Private sessions with practitioners

Weekend guests cost: $130.00 (Includes accommodations)
Saturday only: $30.00
Sunday: Free (Donations welcome and always appreciated)
Private sessions with practitioners fees are separate.

Food: Weekend guests bring your own food (there is a mini fridge and toaster oven in your tiny house).
Day guests bring sack lunch.
Water provided

Due to the nature of this event being focused on teaching and deep healing, we are making it an adult only event. We always enjoy children being here and will welcome children to events that are less structured.

Please bring a chair! 🙂

Where: Spirit Reunions Sanctuary
                139 Onks Lane
                Jonesborough, TN 37659
or with Jennie (or for directions or questions):
423-767-3609 or spiritreunions@gmail.com


All of our challenges carry a potential to catapult us into our greatest potential and expanded states of awareness if we choose to allow it. Why else would we choose them? Our higher selves are the ones behind the curtain, orchestrating the situations in an effort to guide us back to the light. Surrendering to the light takes us into higher realms of love and light, beyond our wildest imagination.  Lets go together, shall we?

We each came into this world with a unique roll to play. We must discover what our role is.  When we all play our roles it is a beautiful, powerful grand symphony. When another is lost and doesn’t know his role, our grand symphony isn’t as powerful and beautiful. We must assist each other in remembering our roles and empower each other to play them if we want to listen to the sound of harmony rather than distortion.  Let’s hear it!